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The Pioneers - Descendants of
Koronadal and Alah Valleys

“Go South, young man.” – Major General Paulino T. Santos

Welcome to the official website of general paulino santos

Major General Paulino Torres Santos was the General Manager of the National Land Settlement Administration which was established in 1939.

This website contains photographs, videos, articles, documents, and pertinent information with regard to the establishment of the six settlement districts of Lagao, Tupi, Marbel, Polomolok, Banga, and Norala under the implementing program of the Koranadal and Alah Valleys Project of NLSA as well life stories of people, families and events in the settlement areas.

It is envisioned that the website will make things easier for readers, teachers and students in their research on our local history, and/or revisit the past. Everyone is invited to visit and link with our website.

The main objectives are

  1. To ensure that history, in all its diverse forms, will become an integral part of the cultural life of the people and communities in the KORALAH settlement districts;
  2. To facilitate communication within the history community and provide opportunities for collaboration;
  3. To provide a forum for identifying and responding to issues of relevance; and,
  4. To be an online source of reliable information on our local history

This website is still a work in progress. 



KORALAH is a people’s organization of Pioneer-settlers and descendants, who were recipients of the Koronadal and Alah Valley Projects of the National Land Settlement Administration or NLSA. And, those who can trace their lineage to a pioneer or settler, who lived in the settlement districts on or before 1942.

Main objective is to promote camaraderie and fellowship among the descendants of the pioneers and settlers for better understanding and appreciation of the past.

In 1982, Messr. Antonino Ramos, Rafael Aquino, Lawyers Federico Dizon. Amado Munda and Dr. Alejandro Arenas organized the Sons and Daughters of General Santos Pioneers of South Cotabato.

However, due to distance of their domiciles, their organizing efforts had not really taken off as planned.  It was not in vain, though. As a result, each settlement district had organized.

  • Sons and Daughters of General Santos Pioneers (The Pioneers-Descendants of General Santos City)
  • Pioneers and Descendants of Tupi
  • Marbel Pioneer-Settlers/Dugong Settler Organization
  • Polomolok Pioneers-Settlers Association
  • Banga Settlement District NLSA 1941
  • Norala District Settlement 1941
  • Sons & Daughters of Tampakan Pioneer-Settlers & Settlers Association

In celebration KORALAH meets every 30th of November

“Remembering Dr. Domingo Non, who was with us from the planning stage”


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